DSC_2574I am a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Chicago. My primary subfield is comparative politics and my substantive interests center broadly on state-building and the politics of colonialism. My dissertation is a comparative-historical study of the systems of collaboration that emerged in the various provinces of British India in the 19th century, and how these collaborative mechanisms in turn shaped the social composition of the region’s independence movements in the run-up to decolonization. My research has been supported by the Islamic Scholarship Fund and various centers at the University of Chicago, including the Committee on South Asian StudiesNicholson Center for British Studies, the Social Science Division.

You can access my curriculum vitae here.

Before joining the University of Chicago in 2014, I received my BA in Political Science from the University of Michigan in 2011, and spent the intervening years teaching mathematics at a public school in Houston, TX through Teach for America.

When I am not at my desk, I enjoy playing squash (badly), experimenting in the kitchen, and following Michigan football.

I can be reached at fmsajid@uchicago.edu, or by mail at:

Fahad Sajid
c/o Department of Political Science
5828 S. University Ave., Suite 401
Chicago, IL 60637